Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Interesting Fact about Himachal

Why Himachal is best State in India?

1.Most beautiful place.

2.Less population density and pollution.

3.Least abortion rate and Honor killing.

4.Highly literate ,ranked 3rd in India.

5.Least crime rate.

6.No Child labour.

7.Rich,middle class but no poor people.

8.Good production of fruits and grains,especially Apple.

9. Supply electricity to 5 states and free to Punjab in some parts.

10.Rich in Production of natural drugs, Marijuana and others.

11. Best place for foreign Tourists even though there are fewer airports but they still prefer it.

12. Best weather throughout the year with tons of lakes and snow covered peaks.

13.Most costly Deodar trees covering greater land under forest deep.

14.Best people in World by looks and nature both.

15.Best weather all twelve months rains n peaks snows.

16.Loads of labours from Uttrakhand n Nepal works in our Apple Orchards n Food corners so we employ poor foreigners

17.Large number of Punjabi,Haryanwi,Rajasthani etc get employed in Hydroelectric projects,so others trying to immigrate by any means.

18. Most Hindu state in the World,98% of Himachalis are Hindus out of 6.8 million so no Fundamentalism.

19. No chance of Cow slaughtering,if Sulla do so 50 thousand of them would be slaughtered by us.

20.Most beautiful people,even foreign tourist from Uk says Himachali hunks looks most handsome in Indian Subcontinent.

21.Himachali people are pure by heart with no intention to cheat others.

22. Himachal is a Dev Bhoomi consisting thousands of thousand years old temples made by pandavas,eg Mani Mahesh, Bijli Mahadev, Jawala ji, Chintpurni,Baba Balaknath,Manikaran,Hadimba Temple, Kamrunag Temple,Mahunag temple,shikari devi,ghatochkach temple ,jakhu temple.

23. There are less then 1% of Population of muslims in Himachal who belongs to kashmir or punjab,Hence 100% of ethnic Himachali are Hindus,kerala has 40% Hindus, Uttrakhand has 80% Hindus but not whole. Above reasons are not enough then there are thousands of reasons which confirms that Himachal is best in India and 5th best in Asia.

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