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Mata Naina Devi Temple, Himachal Pradesh

The charming hill resort of Nainital gets its name from the Goddess Naina Devi. A temple dedicated to the deity stands here. The Naina Devi temple is situated atop Naina hillock in Nainital. Thousands of pilgrims gather here every year around September to worship Goddess Parvati. The temple of Naina Devi is situated about 7 miles from Anandpore Sahib on Bhakra Nangal rail –line. The temple is situated on Shivalik Mountain and devotees have to cover a distance of above 2 km on foot. It takes for the normal Devotee about half an hour to reach the temple from the foothill.The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Bhagwati ( Durga). The Goddess Naina Devi is worshipped as a single self born pindi. There is another pindi of Ganesha and a third established by the Pandavas. This is believed to be the 'shakti pita' where Sati's eye fell. Naina means eye. The temple is also known as Mahishapitha because of it's association with Mahishasur. Naina devi temple is one of the 52 Sati piths according to Hindu scriptures and is perched at 11000mtr.above sea–level, on shivalik range in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It's scenic beauty is marvelous and all the devotees gets peace and blessings of Ma Naina Devi. It's surrounded by Govind Sagar lake and Bharka Dam. Naina Devi is a great source of comfort, strength and influence on the soul searching. Those yearning for solace, peace and salvation, it is a dream destination and abode of peace.

Near the Shivalik mountain, there used to live a community of Guzars among them was a devotee of durga named Naina he used to take is cattle on to the shivalik mountain for grazing. There was a papal tree which is existing even today in the temple premises. Naina often observed that milk would flow down from the breast of cows which have not given birth to the babies when they stand under that papal tree, Naina wondered over this incidence. one day Naina went under that tree and saw that there was an idol of durga beneath the leaves of the tree. The same day Durga Maa appeared in the dreams of Naina at night and said to him "I am Adishakti Durga " you should build a temple at this place under the papal tree and I will become famous with your name. Naina was a staunch devotee of Durga and in the morning the next day he laid down for the temple. Very soon the information and importance of this place went around in all directions and devotees started powering in for darshan. This beautiful temple is known as Naina Devi Temple since then. There is also a cave near the temple which is known as the cave of Naina Devi.

Baba Balak Nath Temple Hamirpur

The Baba Balak Nath temple, a medieval cave temple is one of the famous pilgrimage center of Himachal Pradesh i.e. the God's own land. Baba Balak Nath Temple is situated at village Chakmoh of district Hamirpur on the hill top. The temple has a natural cave carved in the hills which is considered to be the abode of Babaji.
Baba Balaknath Temple is visited by devotees throughout the year but during the Navratras, the visitors rush increases manifold and throng to the temple in large numbers. A few kilometers away from the Baba Balaknath Temple, is the Shah Talai connected by a ropeway which is also an important tourist attraction.
Devotees offer Rot,prepared with flour and sugar/gur at the altar of Babaji. Female devotees are prohibited to enter the inner cave. A raised platform just opposite to the cave has been specially erected for female worshippers for Darshan. Six km from Baba Balak Nath Temple, there is spot named Shahtalai, where Baba is assumed to have observed penance. It is also considered exceedingly sacred to the pilgrims. Sunday is considered an auspicious day of Babaji.


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